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NATFIRE specialized in fire fighting products:
Fire extinguisher;
Fire hose reel;
Fire Cover;
Fire cabinet
Fire Hose;
Fire blanket;
Fire alarm;

Natfire Company Limited is a leading Kenyan Fire Fighting Equipment specialists. It was registered in the year 2000, 14th, August. Ever since, it has been instrumental in educating and creating awareness on disaster as an implementation of the United Nation Environmental Program and APELL process (Awareness and Preparedness to Emergencies at the Local Level). We believe in Feed (Forward Emergency and Contigency Planning) that spells that, it is better to prevent disaster when you have opportunity and time to do so than extreneously get involved in post disaster relief efforts, that are expensive. It is for this reason that Natfire Company has seed the need to expand its program i fire fighting technology, housekeeping policy and early detection system, emergency medical training, first aid, auditing and carrying out safety and health surveys as a way of mitigating and preparing entities against the impacts of the disaster.

The use of firefighting equipment and the use of available resources are not seen in isolation of any effort by Natfire Company. It is for this reason that we advise that people and organizations be introduced to skills that can help to protect thenselves and those around them in light of emerging global challenges that have seen disasters as a preserve of the acts of terrorists and arsonists. Our consulting team consists of Professionals in Disaster Management Circle. The installation team consists of employees with a wealth of Hazard specific experience. Owing to this, Natfire has establish itself as a reputable company in Fire Fighting Industry and therefore able to handle all your worries of any outbreak.

High Quality, Professional Service, and Honesty is our business basic rules.

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